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We are specialized on Human Resources function

We only work with experienced HR professionals.

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Our Attitude and our Expectation towards modern HR Professionals

+ Building an agile and ethical organizational culture
+ Coaching competence regarding the digitization of HR and the whole organization
+ HR entrepreneurial mindset – business partnership mindset

trueredo ways of working

trueredo.com works effective and transparent and delivers high quality candidates

1. Optimal Job and Personality Profile

We develop jointly with you the optimal job and personality profile for lasting success of your new hire. Our senior HR experts (TalentCoach) manage you hiring project exclusively.

2. Most effective Sourcing through referrals from our HR TalentScout Community

Our HR TalentScouts - the most effective HR-Referral-Community from 100% HR professionals - know the different industries, functions and their respective success criteria. They recommend the best fitting HR top talent. We are searching in parallel directly and will assess and qualify all potential candidates with the latest and most adequate tools and methodology. 

3. Hire the Best Talents

Our experienced senior HR experts (TalentCoach) focus on the (pre-)selection of the optimal HR talents and will coach you and your team through the entire selction process.

Best value

Trueredo combines personal referals with donations.

  • Recommendations/referrals from HR for HR  – HR Talent refers HR Talent (we are building the most successful german-speaking HR-Referral Community)
  • Donation - for each successful referal (hiring) we are providing donation money for you - and we will be very pleased if you happen to decide to support one of our own great donation projects.